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Harmonious Baby Massage

Fürstenried: Mo morning - 5 x 60 min / 78 €
Obermenzing: Fri morning - 5 x 60 min / 78 €
Age & developmental course classification: from 6th week - crawling age
Feeling of Security

Awaken senses, promote development

Baby massage promotes natural, healthy development and the unfolding of the personality. The baby massage gives the infant security, relaxation and basic trust. It can promote digestion, flatulence and sleeping behavior and strengthens the inner connection and understanding with the parents. By involving all senses, it is a targeted promotion of the developmental steps in the first year of life.
Small groups, qualified instructors

The importance of touch in early childhood development

The experience of touch during infancy is an essential basis for trust and self-confidence and for the ability to feel at ease in oneself and in the world.

The cradle for this lies in the time of early childhood development. Already in the first weeks and months of life it is decided whether the foundation for a healthy development is laid in the little being, on which the following years can be built. The baby massage, understood as a conscious, respectful treatment, is the decisive extra with which fathers and mothers can really "get in touch" with their child. It miraculously complements linguistic communication and helps parents to consciously engage with the little being, who in turn feels protected, sheltered and loved.
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