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Baby Swimming Lessons

Course placements according to age and developmental stage - from 8 weeks to 1.5 years
Pool Fürstenried West & Oberföhring: Courses Mo - Fr: 10 x 45 Min / 250 € - Sa & Su: fortnightly - 9 x 45 Min / 243 €
Pool Obermenzing: Courses Mo - Fr: 10 x 45 Min / 260 € - Sa & Su: fortnightly - 9 x 45 Min / 252 €

Time for attachment and bonding

Mutual trust and undivided attention in the water environment helps strengthening the parent-child bond and the family as a whole. The temperature of our 34 C warm water provides a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation for babies and parents. This protected space gives us time to gain a better understanding of our little ones and of our role as parents. Continuous courses make us grow together as we embark on a voyage of discovery in fixed groups and children of the same age. We continue to evolve and grow with knowledge and respect for individual strengths and challenges and share the joy of moving together.
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The element of water is a favourite & the greatest stimulus for baby movements

Weightlessness allows the little ones to perform movements, for which they are not yet ready on land. It represents an experience and support for the child’s wellbeing and development. Well-thought-out anatomical grips, singing and circle games, as well as exercises are what our swimming lessons are built on. Combined with the closeness between parent and child they further promote the motor development of children, strengthen connective and muscle tissue and are directly linked to the social, psychological and language development.
Guided small groups (number of participants adapted to the size of the pool) by qualified instructors
Sibling discounts for overlapping courses
Total of two accompanying persons included in course fee
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