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Customer testimonials



"We are really looking forward to it and our son regularly asks when he can go there again."

"Many thanks for your work🙏"


"Aquafitness on Monday evening and Wednesday evening in Oberföhring is great. The sauna and especially the infrared box are also a perfect complement to the gym."

"The water gymnastics of Aqua & Soul in Obermenzing is simply perfect for me: The motivating, postitive nature of the group leader Rebecca, together with her experience and expertise, ensures that the lessons are always entertaining and varied. Endurance, flexibility, coordination, stretching - everything is included. The small group and the warm water additionally contribute to the fact that I look forward to these 60 minutes every week."

Our Swimming Pools

"Using the relaxation rooms as changing rooms is very practical and makes it easier to change with baby/infant"

"Well feasible with sibling children through appropriate premises."

"The swimming pool and the premises are clean and well maintained."

"The water is always warm and clean."

"The water temperature is perfect for the kids."

"The relaxation room is great."

Baby Group

"I am super satisfied with all the course instructors I have experienced so far, I experience them all as very competent, sensitive, caring, present and devoted."

"It responds very well to the needs of the children."

"All children are supported separately according to their stage of development."

"The small group size allows for individual attention to the needs of the children."

"Children love the songs."

Baby Massage

"Excellent pedagogical work!"

"It was really great, my son and I had a lot of fun."

"With its comprehensive concept (essential oils, music etc.) the course exceeded my expectations and made me very curious to learn more."

"Patricia did a great job and it was very easy to implement according to her instructions."

Baby Massage Online

"We found it just great and not a matter of course that the instructor called us by phone, when we had technical internet problems."

"What a great course! It had a lot of fun and we learned a lot. "

"Everything was explained so well, clearly and understandably. The different camera perspectives were great."

"The course instructor put so much effort into it. You had the space to ask questions and she patiently explained everything again."

"I will definitely recommend the online massage course to others. "

"The course was so professional. The level of a YouTube baby massage video was exceeded by far."

Baby Swimming Lessons

"A great support, both administratively and, above all, by the course instructors who look out for every single child with love and coution. "

"The always same course schedule is very good, as the children feel safe and secure through routine."

"Ambience in the course is very nice. Sonja is a very nice and competent course leader, radiates calmness, very sweet and individual with the babies."

"Super is the ambience and the warm water."

"The individual babies are dealt with and different stages of development are considered"

"A Child can grow up with swimming from baby age, there are always offers that grow with it."

"The baby swimming courses at Aqua & Soul are simply the best and I can say that because I have compared them with two other programs. The small groups, the warm water, the personal naming of the children, this is really unique and I am really looking forward to more swimming lessons with you again."

"Our course instructor is great and certainly one of the main reasons why we have already registered again. It is also nice that the same babies stay together over several courses."

"The needs of the children are very well met. A very nice atmosphere."

"The course instructor Martina is super super nice and with a lot of joy. The course content is very age-appropriate."

"We think it is great that so many courses are offered; we like the composition of the groups; the trainers are very nice and competent"

"Friendly course guidance and the joy of movement in the water is conveyed"


"I really like the pictures."

"The photos are all totally cute, so I would like to take all of them."

"Many thanks for the many great photos."

"Thanks for the great pictures! I would like to have them all. I am very thrilled😊"

"How nice! The pics turned out so great."

"Wow, the photos turned out great! Thanks a lot! I'll take them all. It's really great that you offer this service!"

Children Swimming Lessons

"The teacher is very responsive to the children and does not exert pressure when there are fears. Absolutely suitable for children."

"The swimming teacher involves the parents in various exercises, so that we can practice with the children ourselves. There is always something new every lesson, so that the children never get bored."

"They motivate without overtaxing and can assess the children fantastically."

"All swimming instructors are super nice and even my water-shy son goes to the course with joy!"

"I would like to thank you very much for the fact that the swimming instructor is not only super professional but also has a great contact with the children, insecure children, parents etc. (e.g. if a child does not dare to go into the water at first or is away from the mummy). This is not a matter of course and makes the big difference for me."

"My son and I like the instructors Markus and Liliane very much. They offer very good exercises, like swimming under the water through a ring and picking up a weight at the staircase for the children to learn to hold their breath. They are very encouraging and creative in terms of activities."

"Verbalisation of the background of the exercises in language that the children can understand (so that you get strength, find balance, etc.)"

"Each child is treated individually"

"Every need is catered for"

"Well-trained swimming instructors; pleasant atmosphere; small course groups"

"All children are supported separately according to their stage of development"

"Friendly atmosphere and very nice teachers* with high empathy."

"Small groups and very nice atmosphere. The teacher is very responsive to the children and does not put pressure on them when there are fears. Absolutely suitable for children"

"There are many materials for different sensomotoric experiences. The limits of each child are respected and yet they are challenged at the appropriate level for each child. To find a balance out of this is great! Thank you!"

"Excellent educational work! The patience of the teacher, the very friendly and supportive approach to the children, the very well structured lessons, the creative design of the course and always exciting new exercises."

"The premises also allow for participation with siblings."

"I am very happy with Aqua & Soul. The course leader goes into a loving contact with the children. The exercise suggestions are according to the children's abilities and the improvement of performance is done at the right pace. All this promotes self-confidence."

"Playful learning of the technique, overcoming fears with fun."

"I like that Bettina responds very well to the technique and also lets you practice a lot"

"I very much like the calm manner of the swimming teacher and her didactic approach "

"A great care, both "administratively" and - above all - by the course leaders, who take care of every single child with love and care. They motivate without overtaxing the children and can assess them fantastically."

"I like the fact that the children are not pushed into anything"

"The small groups make individual support possible."

Children's gymnastics

"My child enjoyed children's gymnastics very much because of the well structured lessons and the great empathy of the teacher."

"The boundaries of each child are respected and yet they are challenged at the appropriate level of each child, to find this kind of balance is great!"

"The gym teacher is mega nice and very attentive. She showed us the different exercises each time, so that the children can easily imitate them. There is something new in every lesson, very creative. So keep it up."

"For some time now we have also been involved in children's gymnastics - the course structure is versatile and lovingly designed and offers enough space for the children to try out their skills. The course instructor is very responsive to the individual children and the small groups also give enough opportunity for each child to get their encouragement and attention."

"I am very satisfied with the schedule of the swimming lessons: the structuring, the always same procedures on the one hand - greeting, watering can, diving.... Then different and always new challenges, whether climbing, sealing, swimming and singing games - very varied and although I have been with the second child for 3 months now, there is always something new."

Infant Swimming Lessons

"Our son loves swimming. He's always so happy when he goes to his swimming lesson. The swimming teacher is very attentive, she approaches every single child in every lesson and explains exactly what the children should do and also shows them how to do it. "

"Since our son is 4 months old, we regularly attend the baby and toddler swimming. Meanwhile our son is 4 years old. He loves the warm water, the familiar atmosphere and moving in the water to the various exercises and songs. The course is so entertaining that he doesn`t want to leave the water..."

"The lessons are creative and varied; friendly trainers!"

"I am super satisfied with all the course leaders I have experienced so far, I experience them all as very competent, sensitive, loving, present and devoted."

"The competent swimming instructors are super, the clearly arranged groups are simply great and the personal atmosphere is very nice."

"Very good swimming instructors who are flexible with the children, a great atmosphere and equipment."

"Big praise to you, my daughter and I always have a lot of fun!"

"Top teachers, many offers, child can grow up with swimming from baby age and there are always growing offers."

"All swimming instructors are very nice. Our child has a lot of fun because of the well structured lessons and the great empathy of the teacher. We have been doing it continuously for 5 years (meanwhile also with 2 children) and are enthusiastic."


"Aqua&Soul is in our eyes the best swimming school we could have found!"

"Thanks to all employees, whether in the office or in the water!"

"I particularly appreciate dealing with the administration team. I find the people very understanding and I am grateful for the flexibility"

"Diverse selection of courses at fair prices."

"Satisfied with all leaders of the course, organization, swimming pool and costs."

"Everyone is super friendly, and requests are handled quickly and with good solutions for the participants."


"Tension and relaxation in perfect harmony."

"The Mother-Baby-Yoga is a sensational mixture of Yoga for mothers and children gymnastics, with beautiful musical elements. I can recommend it without reservation because I was particularly pleased that it is not just a programme that is unwound, but that the needs of the little participants are taken into account. Thumbs up and keep it up."

"Online Yoga with Melissa: big time! Thank you very much, I will be back next week! (Sweat ...😅)"

"A yoga session with Lucie is wonderfully balanced. Yoga with mantra singing, accompanied by Lucie with her wonderful singing and various musical instruments, touching! Best of all, Lucie teaches you how to develop your own yoga practice. "

"Especially her beautiful singing and the use of different instruments like singing bowls or the harmonium made her yoga practice my weekly highlight."

"With her inspiring, loving and authentic way Lucie creates varied yoga classes that touch the heart and mind and challenge the body from gentle to demanding."