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Mom & Baby Yoga

Postnatal Yoga with Baby Music
Pool Fürstenried: 10 x 90 Min / 160 € - Thu morning
Trial lesson possible at any time
For beginners and advanced students
Pool Fürstenried West

Strength, stamina, children's songs

Effective physical exercises from yoga and postnatal gymnastics, musical fun with children's songs and relaxation for mummy & baby flow carefully into each other in this yoga course. Mama gets fit with varied exercises for the whole body. Strength, condition, flexibility, a strong pelvic floor and a relaxed mind are our goal and our reward.
Small groups, qualified yoga teachers
Start After final examination At the gynaecologist
Age-appropriate course schedule - 2 months to crawling age

Sounds, crawling songs, contact

Mindfulness exercises and relaxation with sound therapy and gentle mantras help mum and baby to find peace. Depending on the baby's age, the baby is included in the exercises and musical elements such as movement games with funny crawling songs sung together. The baby's sensory perception and motor skills are stimulated.
For billing of missed course hours see FAQs & AGBs
Cancellation of course hours before conclusion of contract (e.g. due to holidays) see FAQs & AGBs
Yoga mats and blocks available


We offer the following groups:
Minis: 2 months to crawling age (mommies after the postpartum period with babies who are not yet mobile)
Maxis: Mobile babies and toddlers (crawling and walking age of the children) - in this course dads with baby are also welcome!

After the final examination by the gynecologist, approx. 2 months after delivery, you can start with postnatal yoga as soon as the gynecologist has given an o.k. In case of health complications, please consult your doctor before.
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