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Morning Flow

Online course – 8 x 60 Min / 104 € - Tue 09:00 - 10:00
Training in small groups with trainer exchange
Ongoing class – start anytime

Balance and serenity

Start your day more attentive, focused and positive.
This flowing Vinyasa Morning Flow awakens your body gently, invigorates and balances it, so that you can start the day with demanding and relaxing asanas (posture), physically and mentally balanced.
Yoga brings more strength, energy, clarity and concentration into your everyday life
Yoga strengthens and stretches the whole body and so releases tensions
Yoga is an inner journey to your own self
Yoga prevents back pain, strengthens the immune system and supports your health
Live and in direct dialogue with you
For men and women
At home,
Vinyasa Flow

Breathing, movement, relaxation

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a creative and dynamic form of yoga, the origin lies in Ashtanga Yoga, the Indian Hatha Yoga. The class is suitable for advanced students and those who want to become a practitioner. This yoga style combines breathing and movement into one experience, with the focus on precise alignment of the body positions. A creative and harmonious sequence of movements is created. Body and breathing exercises in combination with meditation change the posture towards the outside world. The focus of Vinyasa Flow Yoga is on the Asanas, the postures. They challenge mentally and physically and strengthen concentration. The movement in meditation brings the participants to inner peace. By stretching and holding for longer periods of time, deep-seated tensions are released. Online combined offer
Combine two online courses and you will get a discount of 10%.

10% discount for advertising person and new customer.
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